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    A Dick Lambert professional Home  Inspection is an independent and objective visual examination of the major  appliances,   systems and components of the home, townhouse or condominium.  His home inspection is one of the most important things a buyer should do when purchasing real estate.  A Dick Lambert home inspection will assist the buyer, seller and agent in determining if  the property has any major defects or system inadequacies 
BEFORE the sale is closed.

Dick Lambert Biography and Affiliations

Dick Lambert 
has been a successful Realtor and businessman in Palm Beach County for over 40 years. Although he is no longer active in real estate sales, his business success continues as one of the busiest Home Inspectors in Palm Beach County.

Dick Lambert has held most of the leadership positions in both the Association of Realtors and local Chamber of Commerce.  He served on  his local Planning and Zoning Commission and Municipal Code Compliance Board.  Dick Lambert  performs professional Home Inspections based on the Standards of Practices and the Code of Ethics established by the Flodida Association of Building Inspectors.

Why Dick Lambert Has Been Selected To Perform Home Inspections
A comprehensive Dick Lambert Home Inspection report and a detailed seller disclosure gives the buyer peace of mind that their real estate purchase decision is a good one. 

Communication is most important during the sales process especially as closing nears. Sometimes the seller's disclosure and the inspection report can cause confusion for the buyer, seller and agent.  No one understands this better than Dick Lambert.  He has a vast knowledge of the real estate sales process and is an outstanding communicator.  Dick Lambert will not disappear after your inspection and will assist in every way possible to insure there is a smooth and successful closing.

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